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We are so thankful for the community members that have supported our veterans here at The Manor. These gifts were created by members at our sister facility Creekside, Phoenix hospice team, and a local high school. Thank you to all who sacrificed and served for our country, happy Veterans Day!
Happy Friday everyone! 😍
They say a picture is worth a thousand words…
With all that is going on in the world around us today, we need encouragement. 

For more than five months, there were only conversations on the phone or through the window. 
You’ve been together more than 70 years and are separated because of a virus. You choose to make the sacrifice and move to the nursing home to be with your husband. Your fourteen-day isolation turns in to more days due to getting the virus yourself. You have no idea if you are going to see your husband again, there are so many unknowns.
Fortunately, you defy the odds and are reunited with your husband! What an awesome experience to be a part of this reunion.
Thank you for letting me share your story!
Congratulations Angie Hart, our second shift winner!!!!
Congratulations Bradley, one of this weeks PEP Club raffle winners!! Thank you to ALL of our team members for your amazing hard work and dedication to our residents!
Thank you to our friends Jamie and Tricia at Hospice Compasses for doing some puppy window visits! It means so much that even on a cold rainy day we have people willing to help make our residents smile!
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Shout out to ALL the essential workers! You are important! Shout out to all The Manor team members, you are making a difference! ❤️
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