We have fun times here, lots of time with our residents and playing games with them! It’s really a fantastic work environment.

Everyone is nice, the staff always wave in the halls and management always try to ask the staff how they are.

No matter what you have going on they are always extremely understanding and work with you!

It has a family-like teamwork atmosphere. Other similar facilities may be able to meet or exceed its physical/structural facilities, but the staff cohesion from top to bottom is what makes it the best in town.

The company makes all staff feel welcome and like they are all important as individuals.

The manor has a unique crowd of residents and employees alike. I personally have a better experience as the years pass. I have met men and woman alike that are incredible people that leave a mark on my character and me as a person I’m always going to be partial to my shift but I get to share life with the people I work with and I’m just grateful for the present experience I get to be a part of and I’m even appreciative of the people that are different and I’m not close to but I think the nightshift is what completes in making the manor unique and one of a kind.

I don’t feel like just an employee here, I truly feel like my coworkers are part of my family!

Our administration is so friendly. They have an open-door policy and if you go to them, they never ask you to come back or say they are too busy. They always take time to help you troubleshoot or to listen. This is the first place I’ve worked where that has been the case!!

The Manor at Elfindale believes in building staff up!!!! NOT tearing them down as most companies I have worked for do.

Their mission, vision and values are the best keys or parameters helping the employee to perform their daily duties and assignments.

The Manor is a great place to work due to the Mission Vision and Values of Vetter Senior Living!

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